As a child I had some bad dental experiences with pain, which continued into my adult life. At 8 years old, having a dentist do fillings while refusing to give me an anesthetic, certainly set a bad psychological stage. In the military, a young dentist spotted one dental anomaly. During my formative years my teeth had shifted and as a result the nerves were not over the spot where they emanated from the jaw. When I met Dr. Kwok he spent time with me in discussing the three cornerstones of dentistry - teeth, gums, and pain. Explanation of a procedure or process aids patient expectations and in turn a more relaxed experience. He also observed that I metabolize anesthesia very rapidly and require special considerations for pain management. In addition, he has kept up with the latest pain management technology.
I have moved and knew that I required a molar extraction due to a cracked root. Due to my positive experience with Dr. Kwok, I contacted him at his Covington office. I was not disappointed. Although the psychological effects of anticipatory pain have not disappeared, I can honestly say that I did not experience any pain from having a cracked molar pulled by Dr. Kwok. With his technique, my first response after the extraction was "why don't I taste a strong taste of blood".
As with my other health care professionals, I firmly believe that once you find one that you trust, don't let them go!

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