Dr Kwok is Very, Very good. I drove an hour and a half one way to see Dr. Kwok because he came so highly recommended. I had a severely infected molar which he performed a root canal on. The procedure went very well, No pain, good music, and an excellent, caring, Kind staff from receptionist to assistants.
Because of the infection, I had to wait a week to do the crown while antibiotics did their job. When the old crown was removed, there was substantial decay underneath and Dr. Kwok removed the decay and built up a new base. Using the latest technological tools, they were able to scan my tooth, bite, and new base. In 45 minutes, they were able to create a new crown on the spot. The new tooth fit perfectly and was an exact replica of my old tooth with none of the usual bite, tap and grind routine I have had on previous root canal, crown procedures.
Not only did Dr. Kwok save the tooth, he replaced it with an even better one that was as smooth as glass. I highly recommend Covington Complete Dental. It was well worth the drive.

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