Dr Kwok is very very good. I have had many dentists over the past 55 years and there are none better than Dr. Kwok. I drove 1 hour and a half one way because his reputation is so good and it was well worth it.
I had a badly infected molar/crown and Dr Kwok did a root canal that went quickly, pain and hassle free. I returned a week later after giving the antibiotics a chance to calm the infection.
When the gold crown was removed they discovered much decay. Dr Kwok was able to save the tooth by removing all of the decay and subsequently building up the base of the tooth to accommodate the new crown. Dr Kwok scanned the tooth prior to removal and the whole side of the mouth digitally and after the reconstruction, scanned the area again. Coventry Complete Dental was able to construct a new crown with their state of the art equipment in about an hour. It fit perfectly with none of the normal bite and grind process to get the tooth to fit. It was incredible. Perfect, painless and better than new. They were even able to squeeze in two fillings without prior notice! Now that's customer service.
Their staff is warm, compassionate, caring and very attentive to your needs. Carol, Gina, Selena and Shasha are awesome! Excellent dentist and I highly recommend Covington Complete Dental and Dr Kwok for all of your dental needs.

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