Root Canal Therapy In Covington, WA

Save Your Tooth with Experts by Your Side

When your tooth has been extensively damaged by decay or trauma, a root canal treatment may be necessary. If you need a root canal in Covington, WA, come see our dentist at Covington Complete Dentistry. Dr. Baptista Kwok and our team will do everything we can to make you feel at home. And if you have any questions about root canals and endodontic therapy, just dial (253) 639-6868 and talk with a member of our team.
Root Canal Therapy In Covington, WA

Root Canal Therapy

Commonly called a root canal, root canal treatment is a type of endodontic therapy that is often recommended if the tooth pulp and nerves become infected or damaged. This may occur if injury or decay reaches deep into the tooth, past the outer enamel layer. When left untreated, this type of infection and disease may cause the tooth to die and necessitate tooth extraction. To restore the health of the tooth and avoid the need for extraction, our skilled dentist will remove the infected and injured tissues from within the tooth, clean the tooth, and fill it with a medicated material. We will then cap the tooth with a restoration, such as a dental crown, to return the tooth to its original shape and structure. In most cases, a root canal can be completed in only one or two comfortable visits to our office.

Root canal treatment is a necessary but often considered a painful procedure. Thanks to advances in techniques, modern dentistry equipment and anesthesia, the pain can now be minimal and short-lived. Root canal treatment is typically performed under local anesthesia. With proper care, most teeth that have had root canal treatment can last a lifetime.

Our dentist and entire team work hard to provide you with a pleasant and comfortable experience each time you visit our office. To learn more about root canal treatment, we welcome you to contact us today. We are committed to restoring your smile’s health.

Why choose us for your root canal in Covington, WA?

If you’re looking for a root canal procedure in Covington, WA, Dr. Kwok accommodates your needs through emergency root canal or regular appointments. If your pain becomes severe, Dr. Kwok also provides precise sedation dentistry to numb gums to undertake even the most delicate root canal procedures. 

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When Does a Root Canal Procedure Become Necessary?

Your teeth have a protective layer on the outside, known as enamel. The layer under that is called dentin and inside of the tooth, you have a soft core that contains dental pulp made up of connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. When decay gets into the pulp, it becomes inflamed, infected, or dies. A root canal is an endodontic treatment that cleans out decay in the pulp and root of your tooth.

More than 15 million root canals are performed every year in the United States, meaning an average of over 41,000 per day. According to a 2016 study, the indication that patients need a root canal can vary based on the type of bacteria involved.

Root Canal Therapy In Covington, WA

The only way you can know for sure whether you need a root canal is to schedule a consultation with an experienced dentist. At Covington Complete Dentistry, Dr. Baptista Kwok helps you decide if a root canal is right for your needs.

However, there are several signs that you should be aware of. If you experience any of these, it’s important to schedule your appointment as soon as possible because the sooner you get treatment, the better outcome you will have.

Top 7 Signs You Need a Root Canal

Tooth pain that won’t go away

One of the first signs you may need a root canal is tooth pain that never completely resolves. It may be constant, never-ending, or it may go away and come back. The pain may be deep in the bone or may be referred pain felt in other teeth or your face/jaw.

Some other common causes of tooth pain include:

No matter what is causing your pain, you need to see the dentist- especially if it won’t resolve. Early diagnosis/treatment results in a more positive outcome.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity when eating or drinking something hot or cold could indicate that you need a root canal. The sensitivity may be a sharp pain or a dull ache. If the pain persists even when you stop eating/drinking, it could indicate that the blood vessels/nerves in the tooth are damaged or infected and you need a root canal.

Tooth discoloration

If you get an infection in the pulp of your tooth, it can cause the tooth to have a grayish-black appearance. The discoloration is easier to see in front teeth than in back teeth. Not enough blood supply can cause the tooth pulp to die, which means you need a root canal. While other factors may cause discoloration, it’s a good idea to schedule a dental visit if you see a tooth changing color.

Swollen gums

If the gums around the tooth are swollen, it could mean that you need a root canal. This swelling may be tender to the touch or may not be painful at all, and the swelling may come and go as well. Swelling is the result of the acidic waste of dead pulp, or a pimple may cause it on the gum, also known as a gum boil, abscess, or parulis. The pimple may ooze infected pus, giving you bad breath and an unpleasant taste in your mouth.

Pain when eating or touching the tooth

If you have pain when eating or when the tooth is touched, you may have nerve damage or significant tooth decay that requires a root canal. This is especially true if the sensitivity is persistent and doesn’t stop when you stop eating.

The ligament around the top of the root may become hypersensitive due to the pulp dying, and the waste may cause irritation of the ligament, which causes pain when you bite.

Chipped/cracked tooth

If your tooth has been damaged due to trauma or biting down on something hard, bacteria may set in, causing inflammation and ultimately infection. Even if you have an injury without damaging the tooth externally, the nerves could be damaged, resulting in pain/sensitivity, and you may need a root canal.

Tooth Stability

If your tooth is infected, it may feel loose. While other factors can cause this, the acidic waste from nerve death may soften the bone around the tooth, causing it to feel loose. If you have more than one tooth that feels loose, you may have other issues to address.

Advanced Dentistry Technology for Root Canal

At Covington Complete Dentistry, we utilize advanced dental technology for our root canals. For example, one of the primary reasons people avoid going to the dentist is a fear of needles. We have addressed this fear with the use of the Syrijet Mark 2 Needleless Injector. This device is easy to operate and reliable. It saves time and reduces patient apprehension and discomfort.

We also use CALAJECT, a computer-assisted local anesthesia delivery system that provides pain-free injections. Research shows that 95% of patients who have experienced this system for injections have changed their thoughts on dental visits.

If you believe you may need a root canal or have other dental issues that need to be addressed, contact our office today and schedule your appointment. We can help you with various dental issues, including root canals.

How much does a Root Canal cost in Covington, WA?

At Covington Complete Dentistry, the cost of a root canal procedure is as low as $799. We also have available CareCredit as well as other insurance payment options for your root canal procedure.