Gum Disease Treatment In Covington, WA

Give Your Smile the Foundation It Needs

Periodontitis, also called gum disease, is a serious gum infection that can damage the soft tissue and bone that support your teeth. A severe case of periodontitis may cause teeth to loosen their grip on the gum. This could lead to the tooth falling out with short notice along with serious bleeding.

In even more extreme cases, untreated periodontal disease can result in bone loss, tooth loss, and gum tissue recession.

Why Gum Disease or Periodontal Treatment should be done at the earliest?

The beginning symptom of periodontitis could be swollen, red or tender, or even bleeding gums. This could mean that you have periodontal disease. This can also include loose teeth, painful chewing, persistent bad breath, and receding gums.

Following the initial periodontal examination, Dr. Baptista Kwok will determine whether you suffer from periodontal disease or the extent of your issue. Sometimes a deep cleaning could be sufficient.

Gum Disease Treatment In Covington, WA

Your periodontal treatment may vary based on your specific needs. Depending on the severity, our dentist may recommend additional professional dental cleanings, improved at-home oral hygiene, antibiotic treatment, scaling and root planing (deep cleanings), or gum surgery.

If you have gum disease, it is important to see a dentist as soon as possible to prevent tooth loss and other serious health problems. If you are concerned about gum disease, please schedule an appointment with our office today.

Gum Disease Treatment In Covington, WA

Scaling & Root Planing or Deep Dental Cleaning

In a dental Scaling & Root Planing treatment, all the plaques and tartar from the teeth below the gum line get removed by a trained periodontist. If you only have early-stage gum disease, a proper Scaling & Root planing treatment could remove any excess plaque and reinvigorate your gums.

During this treatment, the gums are numbed and the dentist uses a special instrument to clean below the gum line.

We strive to help you restore your oral health and halt the progress of the disease. For more information on periodontal treatment, we welcome you at Covington Complete Dentistry or call at 253 201-4376. We look forward to caring for your smile!