How to Prepare for Dental Implant Surgery

May 4, 2022 | Uncategorized

Covington Complete Dentistry offers a full range of dental services. Perhaps you or a family member might have a missing tooth. Our team’s expertise includes performing dental implant surgery.

Implants are recommended when teeth are lost to injury or disease. A lost tooth can cause complications such as:

  • Bone and Gum loss
  • Defective speech
  • Uncomfortable chewing ( teeth shifting resulting in a detrimental bite which will cause damage to adjacent teeth)

Dr. Kwok will discuss risks and benefits which include:

  • Maintaining gum and bone dimension
  • Restoring normal chewing
  • Stabilizing nearby teeth from collapsing or migrating to empty space
  • Stopping harmful bone and gum loss
  • Longevity compare to traditional bridges and partial dentures
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance compare to a bridge or partial dentures
  • Retaining taste and sensation of food
  • More natural appearance of restoration of teeth.

Dental implants improve your overall health and quality of life.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant procedure consists of two steps. The first is the surgical insertion of a titanium post (implant) into the bone.

The second step is the restoration. An abutment is screwed and torqued onto the implant and a custom dental crown is fitted onto the abutment.

The above two steps are for patients who have sufficient gum and bone tissue to accommodate the correct implant size.

For some patients however this is not the case. For those with insufficient bone, a gum and bone graft would be required before the implant can be inserted.

  1. Endosteal: the artificial root is placed in your jawbone.
  2. Subperiosteal: the artificial root is placed on top of the jaw. This occurs if you don’t have sufficient bone for the endosteal implant. It’s held in place by metal posts inserted into your gums.

Crowns are usually made of tooth colored matching material. They may be permanent or removable. Be sure to discuss your choice with Dr. Kwok before surgery.

How do I Prepare for Dental Implant Surgery?

Dental implants require outpatient surgery. It’s done in our office by our team of professionals. You need to prepare for dental surgery as you would for any surgery.

Prior to surgery, Dr. Kwok will ask about your medical history and lifestyle habits. Smoking hinders healing. If you smoke, you may not be a candidate for implant surgery. You should also be in generally good health.

Discuss any medication you take with Dr. Kwok prior to the surgery. He may instruct you when to take it. He may also prescribe an antibiotic. Taking an antibiotic prior to surgery decreases the risk of infection.

Stop taking vitamins, supplements, and OTC drugs. Avoid consuming caffeine and alcohol. Get a good night’s rest.

Wear loose-fitting clothing for comfort. Leave watches and jewelry at home. Arrange for someone to drive you home.

The services at Covington Complete Dentistry include sedation dentistry. More than one type is available to meet your needs.

What to Expect After Surgery?

As long as instructions are followed , no complication is expected .

Each patient has their own unique circumstances, some patients are quicker, others patients are slower healers.

We will schedule follow-up appointments after your surgery. That allows us to monitor your healing. For most people, healing also determines when the crown is placed.

Crowns are then attached in one of two ways. They may be glued in with dental cement. Or they may be screwed in.

Each method has advantages and disadvantages. Dr. Kwok will explain each to you. The choice is essentially a matter of personal preference.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation. Our professionals are always happy to answer your questions.