How Much Dental Implants Cost in Covington, WA?

Oct 9, 2023 | Uncategorized

A single dental implants cost is $1995 in Covington, WA. Here, At Covington Complete Dentistry, an experienced implants dentist, Dr. Baptista Kwok, BS, DDS offers dental implants using advanced dentistry technology.

General Price Range: In the United States, the price for a single dental implant can range from $1,500 to $6,000. This range can encompass the implant itself, the abutment (a connector piece), and the crown. However, the total costs can vary depending on various factors. We are proud to offer competitive pricing and offer internal dental insurance plans that will help our patients.

If you have dental insurance, it’s worthwhile to check your policy details. Some insurance plans may cover a portion of dental implants, especially if the need for the implant arises from an accident or other covered incident.

Our office works with our patients to ensure their treatment at Covington Complete Dentistry is affordable. When patients visit our dentist, Dr. Baptista Kwok, we are able to offer them several different ways to pay for their care. We accept many insurance plans, as well as third-party financing from CareCredit. For additional details about our financing options please contact us. A team member from our dental office in Covington, WA will be happy to answer any of your questions.

With our proven resident implant dentist Dr. Baptista Kwok, BS, DDS, you’ll have the following advantages while getting your tooth replacement.

  • Better future facial appearance
  • Access to modern dental implantology technology
  • Preserves and improves the strength of jawbone and surrounding teeth
  • Lasts for many years by following daily care instructions
  • Dental implants significantly improve the way you speak and eat

Missing a tooth? If you need dental implants in Covington, WA, we help you complete your smile and enjoy an unbroken smile once again. visit Covington Complete Dentistry for a dental implant in Covington, WA. Our dentist, Dr. Baptista Kwok, can review the steps involved in an implant restoration. Discover how implants can improve your smile, chewing, and speech for years to come and call (253) 639-6868 for an appointment today!